How to Correct Bad Posture in Just One Week

Written by Amy Johnson, Senior Editor | Friday, December 01, 2023

Getting older sucks.

You’re tired all the time, your friends are dying, your family thinks you’re an annoying ancient relic. You can’t do half the fun things you used to do.

Is life over 40 even worth living?

This is the crazy mindset that young people have, because they have no idea how awesome getting old REALLY is.

Sure, there are physical limitations, but the independence, wisdom, and rich life experience that comes over the age of 40 is something I would trade for anything.

And you could not pay me enough to be 20 again!!

But to have that kind of energy and stamina would of course be nice.

And as much as I love getting older for the most part, there is something scary.


The older you get, the risk of having a stroke is exponential.

And for me, both of my parents had died of strokes, at the young ages of 56 and 61. I wasn’t quite there yet, but I planned on living till I’m 106!!

To get there, I had always taken good care of myself, and kept on the alert for risk factors for a stroke.

To me, one of the scariest things about a stroke is you didn’t know what it would do to you and your body.

You could recover fully, or die. You could be partially paralyzed, or in a coma.

I did NOT want to find out.

So I exercised, ate healthy, and stayed away from cigarettes.

I was feeling good for my age!

That’s when it happened.

One day, when I was reading the news at my kitchen table, the world started to go black.

The next thing I knew, I woke up in the hospital.

Did my nightmare come true?

Did I have a stroke?

Finally, a nurse saw that I was awake and got a doctor.

Dr. Neil Igren came into my room, with a warm smile and bushy white eyebrows.

Dr. Neil Igren listened patiently as I told him about my healthy lifestyle and the shock of waking up in the hospital.

I asked him if I had had a stroke. I told him it was my biggest fear.

“I just want to check a couple more things,” he said, and gave me a quick exam.

Then he took off his glasses, and had me stand up for a quick exam.

After the exam, he sat back down next to my bed.

“Well, I have bad news and good news,” he told me.

“I’ll take the bad news first,” I said.

“Okay, so didn’t have a stroke, but a heart attack,” he said.

I was shocked!! I had always had a healthy heart!

I told him so and asked how that could be.

“Your body is putting undue pressure onto your heart, so even though it is healthy, it is still working too hard,” he said, “And unfortunately, this does put you at much greater risk for a stroke.

I was terrified.

“The good news is that you’re young, healthy, and energetic, and there’s a great way to minimize heart disease symptoms, that had proven to add up to 22 extra years to a patients’ life,” he said with a smile, “And if your heart is healthy, you are far less likely to have a stroke.

I sighed. I wasn’t looking forward to trying different prescription regimens. It seemed like there were about a million options out there.

“Something wrong Francine?” Dr. Igren said as he raised his bushy eyebrows.

“It just seems like there are so many prescriptions out there, and I guess I’m already tired of going through them,” I said.

He nodded.

“I know what you mean, but my first recommendation to you is not a drug. In fact, if we can maintain and improve your current health well enough, you might not need drugs for many years,” he told me.

Now I was all ears!

“So, what is it doc?” I asked eagerly.

“It’s called Posture BeneFit posture corrector, and it is truly a miracle for patients with heart problems,” he said with a smile.

“A posture corrector? How does that work?” I asked.

“Well, when you have poor posture, you are constantly putting undue pressure on your internal organs, especially your heart,” he said, “In fact, poor posture is found in 95% of all stroke patients.”

Holy smokes!!

“The Posture BeneFit posture corrector is a simple, effective, and affordable solution to bad posture,” Dr. Igren said.

“How does it work?” I asked him.

“Well, you simply put it on like a backpack, and adjust the straps so it’s snug.  Then, start by wearing it for 30 minutes a day, and work your way up to wearing it all day,” he said.

“In this time, it may feel a little sore, like working out, but that’s because the Posture BeneFit is teaching your body new, better habits,” he said, “Most of my patients see outstanding results within a month.”

“By pulling your shoulders back into the correct position, the Posture BeneFit eases the pressure on the rest of your spine, and gives your internal organs the space they need to function at 100%, most importantly your heart,” Dr. Igren said.

“It’s made of high-quality neoprene, the same material that NASA uses for space suits! So it’s durable, washable, and invisible under your clothes. It should be an easy thing to fit into your daily routine,” he told me.

The Posture BeneFit sounded amazing!

When we got home, I decided to look it up online.

I was amazed—the Posture BeneFit had 8,238 5 star reviews!!

When I saw there was a money back guarantee, I bought it right away.

There was nothing to lose and no reason to wait!

When the Posture BeneFit arrived, I was so excited to use it!

I put it on like Dr. Igren said, and was able to wear it for a whole hour before it started feeling pretty sore.

By the end of the week, I was wearing it all day.

And I realized that there had been a tightness in my chest, building up after many years, that was totally gone!

I really felt 10 years younger—but with all the wisdom of my age.

Best of both worlds!

I knew it was the Posture BeneFit, because I hadn’t made any other changes to my routine. I am a believer now!

I wanted to share my story so other people with heart issues know just how important posture is, and how big a difference that good posture can make.

Don’t let yourself get seriously ill, or even die, due to something so simple as posture!

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Laura Sylvia
My back always got hurt whenever I'm cleaning my house. I started using this just a few days ago and it helped me so much. My back stays straight and my posture is improving the more I wear it. It’s not hard to put on either- I just slide my arms through and tighten the straps. The fabric is really soft too!!!
Like · Reply · 34 · 1 Hour
Paul Bryant
I have been wearing this for an hour at a time. I have honestly been able to tell a huge difference in my posture! It’s almost like it won’t let you slouch, it’s been super helpful during workouts too!
Like · Reply · 1 · 2 Hours
Wilma Kingsleigh
My wife had been commenting for the past few months that I have started hunching my shoulders like an old man. Though I am in my mid-60's, this is certainly not what I wanted. I tried to correct my posture by thinking about it, but was, let's say, less than successful. When I saw your posture corrector, it struck me as just the kind of reminder I needed. I have started wearing it under my suits and when on the treadmill and have started getting compliments on the improvement. The fact is, that even when I am not wearing the corrector, I find that I am getting in the habit of self-correcting and feeling good about it!
Like · Reply · 2 · 4 Hours
Gladys Stanford
I think that this product does its job. I am a petite women and did find I had to make it as tight as possible in order to fit me. It might not fit someone who is smaller. I found the straps very comfortable. Other days I wore it under my shirt and it wasn't visible. It helped a lot when working. I am constantly lifting so it reminded me to lift correctly.
Like · Reply · 55 · 4 Hours
Brent Wallace
My husband ordered this to correct his posture and has worn in about 8 hours per day for 2 weeks (give or take). His initial feedback was that his lower back felt better but his upper back was hurting/sore. This happened after a week and due to his back readjusting. In the second week, the soreness in the upper back has reduced. I think this should be part of the expectations when treating back issues - it gets worse before it gets better mentality. He actually looks like he grew an inch because his posture has definitely improved :) Overall, he thinks it works as it is supposed to and is pleased thus far! A lawnmower is about 90 decibels. A jackhammer is 100 decibels. A live rock music show is roughly 110 decibels. A chain saw or a thunderclap are about 120 decibels. A military jet aircraft take-off from aircraft carrier (50 feet away) is 130 decibels. 150 decibels will rupture one's eardrums.
Like · Reply · 4 · 7 Hours
Clay Matthew Pirtle
All I can say is AMAZING! I have a very bad posture problem that I wasn't' aware of until recently. My exercise instructor kept reminding me to stand straight with ears over shoulders. Trying to remember this all the time was not working for me. I ordered your Posture Corrector and the moment I put it on my posture was perfect. I now have a constant reminder to stand up straight with your lightweight, comfortable product. I would advise anyone with a poor posture problem to try this product. I'm sure they will be satisfied.
Like · Reply · 23 · 8 Hours
Mandy Simmons
Comfortable and really helps me to not turn my shoulders inwards. This is great and I highly recommended. I wear this playing basketball it helps a lot.
Like · Reply · 13 · 10 Hours
June Zukowski Spelman
This is the most comfortable posture corrector I have tried. No need to look any further....
Like · Reply · 7 · 12 Hours
Roxi Overo
I think the design and concept is very good. They were very prompted in fulfilling my order and shipping to me. The product itself is working so far so good!
Like · Reply · 4 · 16 Hours